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intersectional // sexuality

don’t trust a bro 

Polo with another underneath,
He’s got buffalo wild wings in his teeth,
And he’s an athlete,
He plays on some team.
He’s loves to go on reddit, thinks fedoras look sweet.
Keystone always caked to your cheeks,
And yet you’re really shocked when I say you can’t step to me,
Tell your bro-seph if he says hes got beef,
I don’t shave my legs or pits and I ain’t fucking scared of him.

He wants to touch me (Whoa-oh),
He wants to love me (No),
He’ll never leave me (Alone, alone),
Don’t trust a bro,
Never trust a bro,
Won’t trust a bro,
Don’t trust him.

Shush boy, shut your face,
Move on and pump ya fist before your face gets maced.

to the tune of “don’t trust me” by 3oh3~